What Do Title Agents Do

Title agents, or title insurance agents conduct searches on property records to check for title defects or other attachments to the property, such as liens.

When purchasing a property, a buyer wants to ensure the property is free of, what are called, defects. A defective title is a piece of property or other asset that has a publically recorded encumbrance, such as a lien, judgment or mortgage. When another party can lay claim to an asset or property, the title cannot be legally transferred to another party.

Encumbrances or existing liens that affect a property are often found when a title agent performs a land record search. A lien is a claim that an individual or entity has made on a property when the owner of a property fails to pay a debt. These liens should be satisfied prior to the closing on the property.

Unrecorded Liens

While a title search conducted by a title agent should disclose any liens against the property, some liens may be unrecorded. Examples of these types of liens are:

  • Municipal liens
  • County Liens
  • Unrecorded Utility Services
  • Code Enforcement Violations
  • Code Enforcement Liens
  • Property Taxes
  • Special Assessments
  • Open and Expired Permits

Protecting the Buyer

A title agent is essential to the closing of a property going smoothly. Smart title agents will order an Unrecorded Lien Search as part of the process in ensuring there are no defects on a property’s title.

Utilizing one of Florida’s best municipal liens search companies, unrecorded lien searches can be conveniently ordered online, twenty-four hours a day. The reports are created in easy to read formats so that there’s no guesswork involved. Additionally, unrecorded lien searches can be viewed via an online portal to see the status update of a particular search.

The cost of a Florida lien search is a small price to pay for the peace-of-mind that it brings.

About Florida Municipal Lien Search (FMLS)

Florida Municipal Lien Search, LLC is a privately owned and operated company providing title agents, attorneys, and realtors with unrecorded and municipal lien searches for all of the cities and counties in the State of Florida. Florida Municipal Lien Search conducts searches for municipal and county liens, unrecorded utility services, code enforcement violations, code enforcement liens, property taxes and special assessments. Founded on the principals of honesty and integrity, FMLS strives to make each and every client a long term, ongoing relationship. For more information, visit https://floridamunicipalliensearch.com or call 321-325-6255.